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Skating Essentials: Must-Have Accessories for Every Skateboarder

May 2, 2024 | Skateboarding

Skating, whether on a busy street or at a local skatepark, has evolved into a dynamic sport that demands not just skill but also the right accessories for safety and performance. Every skater knows the importance of having the top skateboarding accessories, from helmets to maintenance kits, to enhance their skate experience and ensure they can tackle any trick with confidence.

This article delves into the essential skateboard accessories every skater should possess, covering everything from protective gear that guards against falls to high-quality bearings and wheels that promise smooth rides and sharp turns, along with portable ramps and rails that allow skaters to practice anywhere.

Skateboard Helmets: Essential Protection

Skateboard helmets are not just an accessory but a crucial part of every skater’s gear, essential for protecting the head during falls or accidents. Here’s a look at some top picks:

  1. Pro-Tec Classic Certified EPS Helmet
    • Construction: Hardshell with EPS foam liner.
    • Best For: General skateboarding and BMX.
  2. Triple 8 Sweatsaver Liner Helmet
    • Design: Multi-impact with a comfortable Sweatsaver liner.
    • Best For: Those who prioritize comfort and sweat absorption.
  3. Pro-Tec Classic Skate Helmet
    • Features: Hardshell with a 2-stage soft foam liner and HDPE Flex.
    • Best For: Skaters looking for a blend of comfort and durability.
  4. Triple 8 Certified Sweatsaver Helmet
    • Construction: Includes EPS foam and a plush Sweatsaver Liner.
    • Best For: High-impact protection with comfort.
  5. Pro-Tec Full Cut Certified Helmet
    • Features: High impact ABS shell, certified EPS liner, full ear coverage.
    • Best For: Comprehensive head and ear protection.
  6. Outdoor Master Skating Helmet
    • Certifications: CPSC and ASDM approved, featuring an EPS core and ABS outer shell.
    • Best For: Budget-conscious skaters needing certified safety.

Each of these helmets is designed to meet rigorous safety standards, with options suitable for different head shapes and sizes. Whether you’re a beginner or a seasoned pro, selecting a helmet that fits well and is certified for impact resistance is key to ensuring safety while enjoying the thrill of skateboarding.

Skate Tools and Maintenance Kits: Keeping Your Skateboard in Top Shape

Maintaining a skateboard in top condition is crucial for performance and safety. Here’s a selection of essential skate tools and maintenance kits every skateboarder should consider:

  1. Skate Society Skate Tool
    • Price: $9.95
    • Features: Adjustable for trucks and wheels, compact design for easy carry.
  2. Skate Trainer 2.0
    • Price: $49.95
    • Utility: Assists beginners in mastering basic skateboarding skills safely.
  3. Moxi Axle Nut Driver – The Vice Key Chain
    • Price: $12.95
    • Functionality: Handy tool for tightening axle nuts, doubles as a keychain.
  4. Powerdyne Y4 Skate Tool
    • Price: $49.00
    • Description: Professional-grade tool, ideal for comprehensive skateboard maintenance.
  5. Powerdyne Y3 Skate Tool
    • Price: $39.95
    • Advantages: A more affordable, lighter version of the Y4, maintaining robust functionality.
  6. Enjoi Wonder Rub Grip Tape Cleaner
    • Price: $9.95
    • Benefits: Keeps grip tape clean for optimal traction and performance.
  7. Independent Bearing Saver Skate Tool
    • Price: $29.99
    • Specialty: Designed for efficient removal and installation of bearings.
  8. Wicked Y Tool
    • Price: $29.95
    • Capabilities: Multi-functional tool essential for various skateboard adjustments.
  9. DSCO Bearing Press
    • Price: $129.00
    • Availability: Online purchase, ideal for pressing bearings without damage.
  10. Independent Axle Rethreader
    • Price: $12.00
    • Use: Repairs damaged threads on axles, extending the life of the skateboard.

These tools not only help in keeping your skateboard functioning smoothly but also ensure that you can perform adjustments and repairs on-the-go, enhancing your skateboarding experience.

Protective Gear: Beyond the Helmet

Comprehensive Protection Packs

  1. Multi-Packs for All-Around Safety
    • Contents: Includes knee pads, elbow pads, and wrist guards.
    • Benefits: Offers full protection for various joints during skating activities.
  2. Gaskets for Joint Comfort
    • Function: Provides extra padding to cushion and protect joints.
    • Advantages: Enhances comfort and adds an additional layer of security.

Essential Accessories

  1. Skating Gloves
    • Purpose: Protects hands during falls and maneuvers.
    • Necessity: A crucial addition for any skater to avoid abrasions and injuries.
  2. Mouth Guards
    • Design: Engineered to absorb shock effectively.
    • Protection: Safeguards teeth and gums from high-impact collisions.
  3. Hip Protection Gear
    • Use: Aims to prevent serious injuries while maintaining flexibility during falls.
    • Importance: Critical for skaters performing high-risk tricks and stunts.

By integrating these pieces of protective gear into their skating routine, skateboarders can enhance their safety, allowing them to enjoy the sport with increased confidence and reduced risk of injury.

High-Quality Bearings and Wheels: Smooth Rides and Sharp Turns

Bearings: The Heart of Your Skateboard

  1. Bones Reds Bearings
    • Quality and Cost: Known for their high quality at an affordable price, making them suitable for all skateboarding applications.
    • Popularity: A go-to choice for both beginners and experienced skaters.
  2. Bones Swiss Ceramic Bearings
    • Premium Choice: Top-tier bearings designed for unmatched speed and smoothness.
    • Material: Feature ceramic balls that outperform traditional steel balls in durability and performance.
  3. Bronson Speed Co. G2 Bearings
    • Design: Equipped with deep groove raceways that minimize damage from side impacts.
    • Ideal For: Street skating where quick turns and resilience are necessary.
  4. Spitfire Cheapshots Bearings
    • Budget-Friendly: An excellent option for beginners or skaters who are mindful of their spending.
    • Features: Provides decent performance without breaking the bank.
  5. Bones Big Balls Reds Bearings
    • Unique Feature: Larger balls that ensure faster rolling and extended lifespan.
    • Versatility: Great for cruisers, longboards, and traditional skateboards.

Choosing the Right Skateboard Wheels

  • Considerations: When selecting wheels, focus on durometer, size, and shape to match your skating style.
  • Wheel Brands: Notable brands like Spitfire and Bones offer a variety of choices tailored to different skating needs.
  • ABEC Ratings: It’s important to note that ABEC ratings have minimal impact on the roll speed in skateboarding contexts.

By equipping your skateboard with the right bearings and wheels, you enhance your skating experience, ensuring smoother rides and more precise turns. Whether you’re cruising city streets or performing complex tricks at the skatepark, these components are crucial for optimal performance.

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